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Lizzy and her love Tony "Baby, We have been through a tough last couple of days, but with help from your parents we will be together till the end, I love you baby and we are going to be a family. "

The Sex Should Be As Beautiful As The Love | via Tumblr


stupid it is to have rules and now I have to create my own rules. I am sorry if my rules offend you or make you uncomfortable, if so inform me so we can end whatever relationship we have, because my rules are here to stay
o_O♡♥ RULES♥♡o_O
1. I am ALWAYS ON MY PHONE. Sometimes my comments never make it through. If they do not simply inform me so I can recomment to continue our relationship. **My average reply time is one day, normally less. Do not recomment if you see my green dot up. If I got your comment I will reply when I see fit.**
2. I am only one person. I control the page. If you mess up with one of my people, it may accidently affect your chances with any of my other people.
3. I only roleplay in third person, I never use I or me, so do not ask me to do so.
4. Reply to us. I take the time to make our comments the least you can do is reply.
5. Don't lead my people on. Many of my people have been deleted due to the fact that they were lead on to long and I no longer saw it fit that they were on the page.
6. If you ever want to end our relationship inform me. It may end up with me deleting you off of my friend list but you and I will be over.
7. If you ever want to rp, just let me know.
8. If none of my single people attract you inform me and I will add someone to your likings. Though this does not mean and celebrity look alike. Only celebrities on my page are Hunter *(Hunter Hayes)*, Christina *(Christina Perri)*, and Tanner *(Tanner Patrick Howe)*.
9. I enjoy drama. I would love for you to mix some drama up into our rp comments.
10. To talk to me at anytime while we are rping simply comment with () around what you need to say and I will reply to you.
11. Don't stalk my green dot. I reply when I want to
12. Tell me if something is wrong.
13. Any comments, suggestions , questions, talk to me !
14. Anything else? Simply ask me. Don't be scared.
Thanks♥♡♥·♥ o_@

Saving Abel - Addicted Mp3

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Posted on March 10, 2013 at 8:50am 12 Comments

If you have a mate with us please post something here. It could be anything like a letter, a couple picture, or a gift. We would love to have something from all of our mates.
The Wanted<3

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