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A huge thank you to Jessica for the fantastic banner you rock my world

This story takes place in Forks,
Bella is 12 yrs old, she moved to Forks when she was 10

At the age of 7 Bella was kidnapped, she was found after 2wks, of searching, nobody knows what happened in thoughts, 2wks her kidnappers were never found and Bella never speaks a word to anybody about it, She just deals with her problems by eating, she is now very over weight and has a very low self esteem.

Bella's mother and father separated 12mths after she was kidnapped,Renee her mother could not handle the stress of her daughter not talking about what happened, so Bella lives with her father charlie, Renee lives in Australia and is very rich.

Bella's best friend is Edward, who Bella is madly head over heels in love with as well as every other girl in forks, Edward is very protective of Bella and is always sticking up for her when the other kids at school tease her, Bella doesn't really understands why Edward is like this, but never questions his motives, but when a new girl arrives at forks things change, everything starts to take a dramatic turn for Bella and life as she knows it, just isn't the same,


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will do

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Edward is my world I LOVE EDWARD but who doesn't
l will write more soon as l can and thank you for your comment

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heyy im a new reader!
I love ur story so i thought making u a banner!
Create your own banner at!
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I hope u like it!! <3

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Jessica you are a legend
you rock my world
total genius
l love the banner
thank you thank you so so so much
lol Bells

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Write some more please :) and check out my fan fic if you can

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l'll write more soon and I'd be honored to check out your story

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It has been 6mths and things are just starting to look up, me and the boys are real close. l suppose being tied together by a piece of rope 24/7 for 3wks will do that to you, regardless of how much a person could gross you out and trust me tied to 3 boys you learn how to deal with a lot of gross and disgusting habits, Bears [Emmett] being the worst by far, every time he would get nervous he would put he's hands down his pants and hold himself, but never think to wash his hand after, unfortunately l was always the first person he would touch after his little nervousness YUK. WOLF [Jake] and Reeper [Jasper] thought this was quiet funny, until l decided to pull on the rope that bound us together while they were relieving themselves one day and they ended up peeing on each other, l laughed so hard l nearly wet myself.

So then thanks to that little stunt the games began from pulling each other off our beds in the middle of the night with one firm tug, to a quick little tug just as you were about to put some food in your mouth's, our shadows were nearly at there wits end, not one of us could ever agree on anything, we were very stubborn, we couldn't even walk in the same direction.

One day we got so frustrated and enraged with each other cause none of us could agree to go in the same direction, we were left tugging and pulling on the rope which ended up with us all on the ground tangled up in one huge knot. We were hot angry and still arguing over who was the biggest idiot for not following who, it took us hours to untangle ourselves, our shadows thought this was hilariously funny and laughed even harder when they saw the humiliation on our faces, cause it took 7hrs to eventually come to the realization that if we worked together, we would have been untangled hours ago. From that day on we have been inseparable, we no longer have a rope to bind us together we have an understanding a bond and love and respect for each other that no one could ever quiet understand we are family and we look out for each other

l have lost a lot of weight and l mean a lot, l'm slim and well defined with muscles just in the right places for a girl although l do look a bit like GI JANE but in a more girly way my hair is still really long and l would never dream of cutting it, it's like my trade mark.The training session are torturous, they always leave me completely drained my muscles burn and my body aches all over from allsorts of weapons that l might not have been quick enough to block. l was very used to having numerous amounts of bruisers or cuts on me, but l only had myself, to blame for not being better.

The boss and everyone are amazed by me, l had excelled way beyond there expectations. l could take out 10 grown men with numerous weapons attacking me all at the same time it is such a thrill to be able to take them out, l can't get enough training and l'm learning new stuff every day, but it's never enough l need more, it's like a drug to me and l'm so addicted.

Billy my shadow thought l was one lethal little girl, he taught me how to control my emotions, it's pretty cool strategical tactic actually. To be able to fool your enemy just by being able to show different facial expressions and changing your tone of voice, even though l might not feel them, for instance l could trick an enemy into thinking l'm in pain by showing it on my face and by changing my voice, and while they are thinking they have one, l could plan my attack or my escape.

l had blown the boys away they couldn't keep up with me when it came to training. l was in a league of my own l was what the boss said the best of the best not only did l excel at combat, and fighting but anything they threw at me, l seemed to just thrive at. The Boss has been trying really hard to find a weakness in me somewhere, but somehow he can't find one, he jokes all the time and says it amazes him how well l can shield myself from others, although l can sense it frustrates the hell out of him to think l don't have any weaknesses if only he new, how much just one green eyed boy could destroy me with one look.

l talked to the boys the other day about how l was kidnapped when l was seven and how they had kidnapped another child and threatened my life, they didn't take it to well .Bear broke a table when he pounded his fist through it, Reeper stood up and started pacing and rubbing his hands over his face and well Wolf he just grabbed his chair threw it against the wall and stormed out the room yelling every bad word l could think of then slammed the door, breaking it from its hinges. ever since then they have been nearly unbearable, overprotective big brothers even though they know l could take them all out by just one blink of my eye, but as they said to me they are my big brothers and it's there job to protect there little Swan.God love them.

Billy told me `that the Boss has a present for me today and that l had to meet him in the office. so here l am waiting patiently for my so called present

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I love the plot line you have for this!! :D :D

And I love the revenge factor you put into this!! hehe!! Poor Bella with the Emmett situation!!

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wow!plz cud u snd me lnk nxt tym :) thnx

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OMG LOVE THIS YOU NEED TO PST MORE...... is the present Edward? That would make me laugh my butt off it is!!!!!!!

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oh gosh the Emmett situation....... ugh
Love it

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well its about time, ive missed this flag youve decided to grace us with your story again, lols can't wait to hear what it is :)

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