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Item Name Description
1 tattvarthadhigama_sutra_and_bhasya_1903-05.pdf Tattvarthadhigama-sutra with the author's own bhasya
2 tattvarthadhigama_sutra_and_bhasya_1906.pdf Tattvarthadhigama-sutra with bhasya and Hindi translation
3 tattvarthadhigama_sutra_and_bhasya_1926.pdf Tattvarthadhigama-sutra with the author's own bhasya
4 tattvarthadhigama_sutra_and_sarvarthasiddhi_1917.pdf Tattvarthadhigama-sutra with Sarvarthasiddhi commentary
5 tattvarthadhigama_sutra_and_sarvarthasiddhi_1971.pdf Tattvarthadhigama-sutra with Sarvarthasiddhi commentary
6 tattvarthadhigama_sutra_index_1906.pdf Tattvarthadhigama-sutra index prepared by Hermann Jacobi
7 yoga_bindu_1911.pdf Haribhadra Suri's Yogabindu with his own commentary, ed. Luigi Suali
8 yoga_bindu_1968.pdf Haribhadrasuri's Yogabindu with English trans. by K. K. Dixit
9 yoga_drsti_samuccaya_1912.pdf Haribhadrasuri's Yogadrstisamuccaya with his own commentary, ed. L. Suali
10 yoga_drsti_samuccaya_and_yoga_vimsika.1970.pdf Haribhadrasuri's Yogadrstisamuccaya and Yogavimsika with Eng. trans. by K. K. Dixit
11 yoga_sataka_1965.pdf Haribhadrasuri's Yogasataka with his own commentary and with English trans.
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