The Twilight Saga

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This story takes place in Forks,
Bella is 12 yrs old, she moved to Forks when she was 10

At the age of 7 Bella was kidnapped, she was found after 2wks, of searching, nobody knows what happened in thoughts, 2wks her kidnappers were never found and Bella never speaks a word to anybody about it, She just deals with her problems by eating, she is now very over weight and has a very low self esteem.

Bella's mother and father separated 12mths after she was kidnapped,Renee her mother could not handle the stress of her daughter not talking about what happened, so Bella lives with her father charlie, Renee lives in Australia and is very rich.

Bella's best friend is Edward, who Bella is madly head over heels in love with as well as every other girl in forks, Edward is very protective of Bella and is always sticking up for her when the other kids at school tease her, Bella doesn't really understands why Edward is like this, but never questions his motives, but when a new girl arrives at forks things change, everything starts to take a dramatic turn for Bella and life as she knows it, just isn't the same,


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Plz plz keep updating

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i loved it!!!!!! pleas keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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omg... i loved it... this is going to be a great story :)

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Hi Bella,

I love this idea. It is interesting to read. I am looking forward to seeing what you do from here on. I love the fact that Edward likes Bella for herself and is her protector. Will they be twleve throughout the whole story? Great start.

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Love this!!!!! Cant wait for more!!!!

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Chapter 2 Epov

Friendship is something alot of people take for granted, but not me, to me it is a sacred bond witch we create for life, and we should protect it at all costs no matter what.

My best friend is Isabella Swan, lzzy for short, she is my sun, l love her with all my heart, lzzy is beauiful, kind and sweet, but the other kids a school don't see that, they pick on her and are constantley playing pranks on her just because she is different, there behaviour and constant bullying, towards lzzy makes me so angry, if only they would give her a chance, then maybe they would see how truely wonderful she really is.

lzzy and me met the first day she moved to Forks, she was outside siting in the front seat of her fathers car refusing to come out, and me being a nosey 10 year old decided to skate past, and show off a little bit, but to my embarassement l fell off my skateboard, right in front of her house, she saw me and jumped out of the car and came over to make sure l was alright and as soon as our eyes met it felt like a bolt of lightning hit me, from that moment, l new, we were meant to be in each others lives.That was 2 years ago and since then lzzy and me have been best of friends, l try to get her out of her house to do things with me, but she is so paranoid about what people think of her, l wish she could see her self through my eyes, l think she is far to hard on herself.

Today is the first day of school and l'm catching the bus, lzzy's dad has decided to take her, l think she was queit relieved, when he told her, l had the feeling she was really stressing about catching the bus, with all the other kids ,afraid they were going to tease her, as if l would let that happen, as the bus pulled up to school l jumped off and started looking around for lzzy then l spotted her, l smiled and waved, while l made my way towards her,

'hi lzzy' l said while walking up to her
'hi' she quickly said without even looking at me, she had already put up a shield, to protect herself without even realising it, l just wish she didn't use it on me, l have to say it kind of hurts when she shuts me out like this.

We walk into school together, but l might as well not be beside her, she has already shut down, to everything and everyone around her, l wish this didn't have to be so hard for her, if only l could make things better, as l stop at my locker, l notice lzzy quickly look at Mike Newton, he was laughing, l turned back to my locker, but suddenly l heard a BANG l looked over to see lzzy covered in powder l took off running towards her when l reached her , l asked if she was alright, but she didn't answer me she just nodded and walked towards the toilets, l was so psst, lzzy had been hurt, my lzzy, some scum bag had hurt my precious lzzy, l turned around to meet a laughing Mike, thats when l lost all my self control, l grabbed him by the throat and slammed him against the wall, l could see the fear in his eyes he new he had gone to far this time,

'l swear Mike if you or any of your friends ever hurt her ever again, you will live to regret it, have l made myself clear' l said through gritted teeth l was so angry my body was shaking

'crystal....crystal clear E..E.. Edward' Mike stuttered he was pettrified, l must have looked pretty scary, but l don't care as long as they got my message.

As l dropped my hold from around Mikes throat the bell rang for class and l watched Mike and his mates run off to class, as l turned to go to the toilets to check on lzzy, Mrs Grover walked past and told me to get to class, so l turned back around and made my way back to my homeroom, classes seemed to drag on and l hadn't seen lzzy, l was starting to get really worried, everyone l asked said they hadn't seen her since this morning, by lunch l was like a mad man, l felt sick in my stomack, l was so worried, l should never have let her walk way from me this morning when l asked her if she was alright, l new she wasn't, any sane person could have seen how upsett she was, what sort of a friend am l ?
l should of gone after her and comforted her, ahhhhhhhhhhhh l'm such an idiot !!!!!

As soon as the lunch bell rang a ran to the girls toilets to see if lzzy was still there, but instead l ran into a Jessica Stanley screaming and slapping me for walking in on her stuffing toilet paper down her bra, l shook the image from my mind and focused on finding lzzy, by the end of lunch l had searched the whole school, but still had not found lzzy, l ended up at the office were l asked if they could tell me if lsabella Swan had gone home or not, the lady at the office took one look at me and could see how truely concerned l was, so she told me that Charlie had picked her up this morning and that she will not be comming back today, l was relieved, but also very worried, l really wanted to see lzzy, l needed to know if she is alright, l feel so lost without her.

When the school bus dropped me off that afternoon l didn't even go home, l ran straight over to lzzy's house, when l got there, Charlie greeted me, by the exspression on his face l could tell he had been stressed, over the few years that l have known Charlie, l have learnt that he is a man of few words, he keeps to himself and his soul purpose in this world is to keep his daughter safe, he is very very protective of her, some times l get the impression that there is a reason for him being so overprotective, but l don't think he would tell me, if l asked.

Charlie lets me in the house and tells me lzzy is in her room, l run up the stairs and tap on her door,

'come in' her angel voice calls and as l open the door there she is siting on her bed reading,

'lzzy, are you o'k ' l say while walking over and giving her a hug, and then my lecture began l told her she was never allowed to ever do that to me ever again, l explained how worried she had me,and how important she is to me, l really didn't want to leave l could have stayed there all night talking, lzzy makes me feel so, happy she is an angel my ANGEL, but when my mum rang, l had to go home, so l hugged lzzy one last time and said good bye, then l left for home.

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aww.. he's in lOVE :) lol and i lOVE this story keep going :)

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Awwwwwwwww!!!!! What a good friend!!!!!! You can tell he already loves her!!!!! Great chapter well written!!!!! Post soon!!!!!

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tht is so cute more plz i lov this

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yup..i agree..

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Awesome chapter!

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love it keep me upddated aww so cute

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