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I would be delighted if you would review my upcoming book "Cats in Provence” to be launched on 1 May 2017.

Cats in Provence is a children’s book about the mystery-solving adventures of Inca, a spunky Siberian kitty and her furry family. The reading audience would be kids aged 4 to 12 and animal lovers.

The first book has received 5 stars from Readers' Favorite and won a silver medal in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards, with the second book being well received by verified Amazon readers.

The book has received 5 stars from Readers' Favorite and it's the third publication of my "Inca Book Series".

I am getting together a launch team to help me get reviews for Cats in Provence. I would be very pleased if you joined the team here:
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You will be eligible to win one of the 16 Amazon gift cards ranging between $10 to $50 if you join the launch team and review the book!

Further details of where you can download the book free will be sent to subscribers of the launch team.

I am very excited about this launch and would be honored if you agree to be part of the launch team.

With gratitude.

R.F. Kristi