Miscellaneous Theosophical Documents
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The Esoteric Within the Exoteric Dr. Gregory Tillett
ERTS-Additional Documents Dr. Gregory Tillett, Courtesy Dr. James Santucci
  Please note:  See instructions in the
  ERTS-Additional Documents file.
Liber Novus Dr. C. G. Jung's The Red Book
  Digital Scan; German with English Trans.
  Full Graphics, Color Images
Tree of Life Kabbalah - Tree of Life; Large Color Diagram;
  Labeled and illustrated for Angels;
  Tarot; Astrology etc.
Meditations on the Tarot Classic HermeticText! by Anonymous
Rig Veda (English) Translation by Ralph T. H. Griffith
  (source: sanskritweb.net)
Rig Veda (Sanskrit Text) Rig Veda (Sanskrit Text)
  (source: sanskritweb.net)
Tetrabiblos by Cladius Ptolemy 1822 Trans: J. M. Ashmand
  Classic Astrology Text
Astrology & Rel. Among the Greeks and Romans 1912 Lectures by Franz Cumont
  Classic Astrology Text