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Welcome to Land Surveyors United!

If you are new to the group, this page is for you- welcome to the LSU community!  You are now part of a multi-media social experiment that has never been tried in this industry.  This is the first time in history that land surveyors have a place that they can not only ask and share help with questions pertaining to the profession, but also contribute photos, video and blogging resources with others who have many of the same experiences as you every day.  To ensure that you get the most out of this network there are 3 things that you should do to get started:  1) Fill out your profile and picture,  2) Create a page with your company information and credentials and finally, 3) Start a discussion.

How to use Forums

The forums on LSU are here to be used as much for finding help with problems in the field as the are for you to express your opinions on anything that has to do with land surveying in general. Feel free to  share anything that is on your mind, as long as it isn't meant to damage another member's reputation.  Please keep it clean and help insure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being part of a community that grows together.  We are committed to allowing freedom of expression for all of our members, and that includes maintaining a safe space for people with opposing views to express themselves. We get posts from all over the country and even the globe, so needless to say, people come with different viewpoints on lad surveying practices and processes. We see this diversity and variety as a real strength-- dialogue and debate are an integral part of the educational process, as well as an important tool in exploring different sides of complex issues.

Ways to increase search engine optimization (SEO)

Each member is given their own profile page that can be configured in any manner that you choose.  This includes changing the colors, background, content and just about anything you can think of.  You can import RSS feeds into your profile in order to display the contents of other blogs on your profile.  You also have been given the ability of adding your own page so that you can create meaningful pages showcasing any special projects that you are working on or associations in which you are involved.  For those of you out there who belong to a company that has no official website or could just use some more exposure, creating a company page is a great way to increase traffic to your site.  Company pages are also a terrific way to link together members of the same association.
Update!  LSU members now have the option of web design help from a small professional web design company out of Charleston called Neighbor Design.  Help is available to you at a very affordable price for creating company pages, association group pages and even custom flash.  Please write to this member for discussing your possibilities.

Posting Photos and Video

Got some photos from the field laying around or sitting on your hard drive?  Upload them to the community and share your story with the group.  Giving images a title and attaching tags to them will ensure their searchability within the group.  Videos are also a terrific way to share tutorials and tips on the group.  We all want to know what you're best at and the types of expertise that you have. That which makes us different can actually bring us together.

Jumping into Discussion

Discussions are for everyone with something to say. The opinions of those in this community are of the expert caliber and they will be valued and respected by not only those in the group, but the entire world.  Lets keep the discussions clean and professional, a they reflect on you and your company.  If you have something to say to a member but do not care to say it to the entire group, use the private message option.  Together, we can build a body of information that is priceless to the industry.

Please bookmark this page [CtrlD] so that you can refer back to it as it will  be updated quite often.
Again, welcome to the community and if there is anything that I can help you with please let me know.

Land Surveyors United