So many nights have passed
and waved hello
to the entering sun
while fading beyond the stars
and beyond my dreams.

Throughout them all,
I've thought about
your eyes,

and the way they
'told' me things
that my heart needed
and wanted to hear.

I miss those nights.

The feelings have engraved
a permanent place
in my being,

like so many
resting treasures
in the stream of
and river of my love.

I can't forget
nor do I want to.

I stand in the open window
with my face to the sea
contemplating the similarities
between his breath
the wind, and... me.

Throwing my head back gently
upon my thoughts
while hugging the sun's rays
leaning upon his caring shoulder
dizzy..'dizzy' in want's haze.

Feeling the mist of the wave's foam
as it twinkles softly
against my cheeks
while contemplating how I love
this man (oh! I love this man)..
as the panting sea ....peaks.

The wonders of this love
stand before me, and more
on this day without rain
near the sea and the shore.

His smile, matching the rainbow
that straddles the sky
his whisper... of affection
pulling joyful tears
from each eye.

His fingers, tracing slightly
down the side of each arm,
sending explosions of lovebursts
to shower my charm.

I smell the aroma
of the sand and the sea
as I trace his top lip
with my tongue tip ...tenderly.

Connecting with his pulse
as I'm locked in his embrace
while I stand in the open window
with the my face.

Poetry By Edie Antoinette