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I Can Teach My Child!

Activities and resources fo= r parents of young children

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    1. =09

      3D""Jenny says


      This is absolutely beautiful. One frustrating thing that I encountere= d when my kids started school was dealing with adults who spoke to me as if= they knew my children better than me. Rather than asking me questions, the= y told me about my child. It felt belittling. Not to mention that they were= incorrect in their assessment of my child=E2=80=99s motives or personality= at times. Parents are truly a teacher=E2=80=99s greatest educational resou= rce and need to be treated as such.

      I love that you share how children are precious to God. To me that=E2=80= =99s at the forefront of my teaching philosophy. These little ones belong t= o God.

      I do agree that being a parent has made me a better teacher. It=E2=80=99= s definitely made me a more humble person.

    2. =09

      3D""Karen says


      Thank you for the reminder. I am a lucky teacher of children in a pu= blic pre-k classroom. These are ideas that I believe are incredibly import= ant. Children need to feel safe and loved in order to be able to learn. A= ll these ideas will help a child feel respected as a member of the class fa= mily.

    3. =09

      3D""melissa says


      I enjoyed this & agree 100%. I am an early childhood teacher, and= a mother of four. being a mother does make you a more nurturing teacher.

    4. =09

      3D""Katie @Preschool Inspirations says


      These are wonderful=E2=80=A6and so true! I worked in a classroom for = 8 years before my first child was born, and it=E2=80=99s amazing how my per= spective has widened. I am so glad I can =E2=80=9Cwalk in the shoes=E2=80= =9D of the families I serve now. Hopefully I am a better teacher because o= f it.


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