Recruit Training Command (RTC), Great Lakes, IL

  • All Sailors complete this training together.  You'll be in the same class as many other ratings and programs.
  • Physical training is a big part of "boot camp."  Be ready!!!
  • Rating designation takes place around week 5 of boot camp.
  • Report directly from RTC to your NF "A" School

Nuclear Field Class "A" School (NFAS), Charleston, SC

  • ET's, EM's and MM's each have their own "A" school.
  • You'll learn the basics of your rate and prepare for nuclear power school.
  • Laboratories and practical skills are emphasized.
  • Your first opportunity for leave is upon "A" school graduation.
  • You will be advanced to E-4 upon successful completion of "A" School.
  • Opportunity to apply for commissioning programs.

Nuclear Power School (NPS), Charleston, SC

  • All rates complete a six month curriculum, but each classroom is separated by rating.
  • All students start with basic math and science and quickly progress into advanced reactor principles and theory.
  • Nuclear Power School is your first opportunity to be picked up for an officer program.

Prototype Training

  • Students are assigned to stay in Charleston or move to Ballston Spa, NY for instruction.
  • After a short classroom phase, you will go "in-hull" to an actual operating nuclear propulsion plant for qualification.
  • Upon qualification, you will stand proficiency watches.
  • Payment of Nuclear Field Enlistment Bonus upon graduation.
  • Another Opportunity for officer program accession.

What's Next?

Most personnel will report to their first ship after prototype.  Select individuals will remain at prototype for instructor duty.  An additional opportunity exists for a small number of interested Machinist's Mates to attend Engineering Laboratory Technician school at their prototype or Nuclear Welder's school in Groton, CT.